The Story of WARLOCK Ltd.

In 1977, a cartoonist in New York City was told that the cylinder heads on his classic Citron Maseroti were beyond repair, and his car was now junk.  Hearing about a machinist in Charlotte, North Carolina, the heads were shipped, repaired and returned, making the owner very happy.  He sketched a caricature of a figure with tools titled "Blue Weber, Machine Shop Warlock" for doing the impossible.  The cartoon was stolen, but the name and reputation has survived for 30 years.

Blue Weber, owner and operator of Warlock Ltd., has served the restoration market during this time, specializing in muscle car era engines and high-end repair of modern multicam and multivalve engines.  Having received training while working for businesses such as Holman and Moody, GM and Ford, the business took a multifunction identity.  He was tested by Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) when the association developed testing for Machinist, and he was awarded the title of Master Machinist in both diesel and gasoline engines.  Quickly a relationship and friendship developed between Blue and ASE.  Blue became a consultant to assist in development of test questions for use in testing other machinists for certification.  Joining other machinists in this select group, Blue has been active with ASE for over 15 years, and has traveled throughout the U.S. to participate in conferences for the promotion of machinist certification.

The rest,as they say, is history........

The business is the same today as it was in the beginning.  Blue continues to offer a select clientele the best service that he can, to convert old iron engines to successful operation in today's demanding environments.  This includes many upgrades that were not offered by manufacturers at the time of production of these cars.

If your desire is to seek the best possible personal service to resolve your engine problems with restoration quality work, call Blue.